The Pool

One of the many member benefits of Luton BSAC is access to the best SCUBA diving pool in the area. With a maximum depth of 5 metres its ideal for training and preparing divers to dive in the sea. The SCUBA diving pool usually clocks in at a temperate 27°C.

Buoyancy changes the deeper you go, so a 5 meter pool gives a more representative SCUBA experience in a controlled, heated environment.

With access every Thursday from 9pm, all members have an ideal opportunity to train, practice skills, test equipment & have fun.
A pool night is always a lively time with divers getting together to share a common interest.

If you’re new to diving join us for a try dive to see if diving is for you. The pool is also a great place to learn and perfect new skills. Practising in the pool is a great way to prepare yourself for the adventure of open water and sea diving. If it is development that interests you, our instructors run many sessions in the pool as part of our training programmes.

After Thursday Pool night, is Thursday Dive Social. Join us at The Barrels to discuss all things diving and socialise with members. These socials allow members to bond and work on new dive trips for the season ahead.