The Club Dive Boat

‘Red Leader’ is Luton BSAC’s club dive boat. She is a 5.7m Osprey Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat (a.k.a a RHIB, or RIB). With a 115hp Yamaha engine and a backup 15hp ‘donkey’ engine, she has proven her ability in a range of conditions.

Club members can take the boat out on trips around the UK and abroad – if they have sufficient qualifications.

Our club boat is well set up for all your diving needs. Complete with GPS hardware and imaging depth sounder she is equipped to find some of the more difficult wrecks. She also carries all the medical supplies, O2 kit, safety flags and radar reflector expected from a dive boat in UK waters.

To use the club boat you need a minimum qualification of ‘BSAC Boat Handler‘ or better, preferably ‘BSAC Diver Coxswain‘. Our club terms require all trips to be approved by the Diving Officer.

Luton BSAC also has a dedicated towing vehicle specifically for towing the club dive boat. You can also take the boat out with permission from the club Diving Office. The club towing vehicle has proven useful as not all members have the required towing attachments on their own vehicles.

The combined weight of the RHIB and towing vehicle is under the ‘Maximum Authorised Mass’, so many club members are able to tow.

Our club dive boat out at sea, where she belongs.
Our club boat out at sea, where she belongs.