Technical Diving

CCR Diving in the Sound of Mull

Few clubs have an active technical diving membership. Even fewer have an O2 clean Air compressor with a Nitrox and Trimix blending panel. Luton BSAC is proud to have both and to actively promote technical diving safety amongst its members.

Many of our technical diving members have opted to use rebreathers, however some use open circuit trimix for their dives. We have representation from a mixture of rebreather manufacturers including, AP-Diving, JJ-CCR and Megladon. We do most of our deeper dives from either hard boats or the club RHIB. Our dives are from many locations including Portsmouth, Lymington, Eastbourne, Brighton, Weymouth and Newquay, always wreck diving. Use of Rebreathers is not limited to technical divers and we welcome them on all club dives.

If you are interested in using a rebreather then come down to our club night and have a chat with us. Some of us have been using rebreathers for over 11 years and are happy to give advice. We also have rebreather try dives in the pool for members.

Some of the instructors at the club are qualified to teach a few BSAC technical courses. This includes courses like Twin-set diving and Accelerated Decompression using high O2 content mixes. Within the club we also have instructors who can teach Compressor Operations and Mixed Gas (including Trimix) Blending.