Learn to Scuba Dive

Joining Luton BSAC, is the most cost-effective way to learn to scuba dive, compared to other agencies. We are an active diving club and also a scuba diving school.

Luton BSAC is a branch of the UK’s leading dive organisation and the sport’s National Governing Body. We provide an internationally recognised diver training and development programme. BSAC represents a network of clubs and centres across the country and overseas. 

Whether you’re a qualified PADI scuba diver (or other agency), tried diving on holiday, or would simply like to learn to scuba dive, you will be in good company with us!

We offer the highest standards of scuba diving lessons and qualifications, with great diving all year round.

What Next?

BSAC’s entry-level Ocean Diver course is your perfect introduction. But if you’re already qualified with a recognised agency you will be able to cross over and continue training at an equivalent level. For more information on what your diving level equates to, see the Equivalent Qualifications table.

You must be over the age of 14 (club rule), a reasonable swimmer and in good health. If so, you are ready to take that first step to learn to dive. Through a combination of theory lessons, pool sessions and open water dives, you’ll learn your new diving skills. We teach progressively and at your own pace.

Skills are taught first in our swimming pool, or in confined water. Following this, you will progress to your first open water dives, and your Ocean Diver qualification.

We recommend a Try Dive session to see if the sport is for you before starting training.

Not all dives start in a boat! Some beautiful sites can be reached from the beach.
Not all dives start in a boat! Some beautiful sites can be reached from the beach.

Looking to continue diving? See how you can Keep Diving with Luton BSAC