Benefits of Membership

See BSAC Membership Benefits for all the benefits of being a BSAC member which includes 3rd Party Insurance and a monthly copy of SCUBA magazine. Being a member of Luton BSAC gives you free air fills, use of the club RIB and free entry to the new Luton Aquatic centre with its 5m diving pit, this is excellent for training or testing kit such as dry suits, cameras etc. you also have access to the vast knowledge of our friendly club members, you will also be invited on the clubs social gatherings, dinners etc.

Club Facilities


The club has a limited amount of equipment that can be used for training, BC’s, regulators, cylinders, you are advised to get your own mask and fins. Cylinders are available for hire for non-training dives.

Most inland training takes place at Stoney Cove in Leicestershire.


Joining BSAC costs £56.50 and Luton Club costs £132 a year, a common renewal is operated on July 1st, if you join outside this month a pro-rata amount is charged.

The club prefers a standing order of £11 per month and BSAC membership is paid in full at renewal.

If you are joining to learn to dive and are unqualified, there are some additional costs for BSAC training packs. 

You will need to buy, borrow or rent a dry suit for open water training and have all your own kit when qualified. Although it may seem expensive the costs are very favourable compared to other sports.